Our Services

Exterior Entrance Doors and windows

Our timber doors and windows are made from a high-quality sturdy hardwood and are available in different styles.

Double and Triple Glazed Windows and Doors

Consists of two or three glass window panes separated by a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building. Triple glazed windows are a bit better than new double glazed windows at insulating your home from external sounds, because of their extra pane of glass. As a result, they are even more energy efficient and help to reduce heating bills.

Sash windows

Sash windows are perfect choice for someone looking for traditional design windows. We offer supply and installation of wooden sash windows made from the best quality hardwood

Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing involves adding another slim-line window to your existing windows. It is made from strong lightweight aluminium, it is great for insulation and soundproofing, a solution for areas with restriction on installation of double-glazed windows such as listed buildings. It is considered cost effective and could save you quite a bit on your energy bills

Fixed Roof Lights

Fixed roof lights are all about bringing maximum daylight into your home and are the best option for homes with not much natural light and not enough ventilation. We are offering a variety of rooflights to suit different building types.

Glass Extensions

Our modern structural and architectural glass provides a great solution to your glass box house extension and glass walls. Glass extensions are very popular nowadays as they give your home extra space, high thermal efficiency and increased property values as well as letting natural light flood your home.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Our beautiful range of coloured glass splashbacks will help you to create a very special and unique atmosphere in your kitchen.  All of our painted glass splashbacks are made from high quality 6mm low-iron toughened glass which is impact resistant and heat resistant. We are also able to offer a big variety of colours from Farrow and Ball Colour Range.

Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are the perfect way of adding elegance to any home. It allows light to pour into your home whilst giving the effective illusion that you have more space in your home than you really do. We are offering different designs of balustrades to suit every single home. They are perfectly safe as are made from high quality toughened glass.

Shower Screens and Doors

Glass in shower rooms are becoming more and more popular and there are wide range of different styles and designs of shower screens and shower doors that we can offer. Walk in showers are one of the most popular choice at the moment in every modern build home.


Mirrors are essentials in every single home. Lots of different types, designs and sizes can be ordered. We offer made to measure, supplied and fitted mirrors. Having polishing machine in our workshop help us to produce mirrors whilst you wait.

All Glass Repairs

If your windows need repairing following an accident or a break-in, we are here to fix it.

General Glazing

We offer a full range of glazing services and different types of glass, including safety glass, toughened, laminated and fire rated.